data analytical services

We help your company take less time and effort to obtain meaningful statistics from your datasets and feel more confident using your data to make operational decisions.


Providing the framework for our clients to manage their datasets effectively and obtain trustworthy results that can help aim future projects.

We design user-friendly, efficient data processes that save time and money.

We provide customized consulting services to ensure that the results are accurate, understood, and used effectively to guide our client’s own operations.


Every client gets one-on-one, personal attention. We have the resources to brainstorm and hash out project criteria with our clients and provide consulting throughout the entire process. It’s not simply submitting a request for a data process to be built, it’s hiring a small team of specialists who will manage the entire project for you.



We offer data analytical services that help our clients obtain the most meaningful information from their datasets.


on what information can be obtained from a dataset

project design

to create data processes, including new software, customer-tailored to what information the client wishes to obtain


of designed data processes, including coding customized applications


of results, including effective statistics and an emphasis on visualization of data. Consulting on the best ways to interpret and present the results is included


on healthy data management practices and data processing skills


Obtaining comprehensive, meaningful statistics from your datasets is crucial to making informed decisions for your company. It’s our job at Artemis Insights to help you navigate management of your data by taking you through our project management process. From getting to know you and your company’s needs to providing an explanation of your final analytics, you receive one-on-one attention from our experts. 


getting to know your data

One of our experts will meet with your team remotely to learn about your data sets and what analytics you need to obtain from their management. For example, we will look at the size of your data sets, how they are stored, and any data processes you currently have in place. This is a great time to tell us your “shoot for the stars” ideas for your data – don’t hesitate to dream big!

project proposal + consultation

Based on the criteria you provided in our initial meeting, our experts will design a detailed project proposal to cover your needs. Artemis deals in projects of any size; the proposal may cover data analytics and consulting for a single presentation or it may involve developing a custom-tailored software to increase the accuracy and efficiency of a recurrent data process. The proposal scope will cover the criteria you designated and may include additional recommendations our experts deem would benefit your company. In our second meeting, we will agree on the project parameters.

project management

Artemis provides project management services for the duration of our proposed project. You will receive updates as milestones are reached and expect our experts to reach out to you with questions as the project unfolds. We know that you have a busy schedule so rest assured that Artemis is maintaining the momentum on your project.


At the conclusion of the project, our experts will provide a detailed report with your final analytics. We will meet again to present the results and advise on how to use the results to guide decisions for your company. We don’t provide any analytics without an explanation so you know how we achieved the information.


Some Artemis projects include developing recurrent data processes for your team’s use. We provide the necessary training to ensure that your team feels comfortable taking over running the process.

process maintenance

You also have the option to contract Artemis to run your new recurrent data processes for you. In this case, we agree on how often the process is run and provide a standard report for each period. Furthermore, if your team ever has questions or wants to make changes or updates to your Artemis data process, our experts are always available to ensure that your process continues to meet your needs.

Building a lasting relationship is important to us, so our services are ongoing.

We look forward to collaborating with you!

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